Google’s Partner Towards ‘GigaPower’ Goal – AT&T’s 1GBPS Fiber Broadband Rollout

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Google Fiber has an emerging new competitor in AT&T. AT&T’s 1gbps Fiber Broadband rollout has been announced. The USA broadband trailblazer will roll out its 1gbps fiber optic broadband to over 21 metropolitan cities which include Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, and San Jose in California.

The company is planning 100 potential cities as the prime locations where they will deploy the ultra-fast 1gbps ‘Gigapower’ service. In their recent press release, AT&T mentioned that this major move will be targeting 100 candidate cities and municipalities over the top 21 metro areas in the US. The users can then obtain the $70-$100 per month 1 gbps service which is currently available only to a very small portion of Austin, Texas, USA.

This next generation internet speeds is a complete groundbreaker with AT&T leading the GigaPower networks. These fiber optic broadband will offer blazing fast data speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. When this blazing speed connection is up, users can enjoy downloading huge files such as HD movies in just a matter of seconds as opposed to the time it takes for other traditional networks to do so.

AT&T has committed to bring its high-speed 1gbps fiber optic broadband service into four other metropolitan locations in the US to include – Raleigh-Durham, Austin, Dallas in Texas, and Winston-Salem in North Carolina. But not too long ago, they have announced expanding further their network to include 21 more other major markets. That would definitely bring fiber services to 100 more cities soon. Subscribers will surely delight since AT&T will also rollout its U-verse broadband service with a concomitant television service.

AT&T will work hand in hand with local leaders in the metropolitan areas together with concerned groups to discuss ways they can bring an ultra fast broadband service to many communities. Of course, the communities that have the best suitable network facilities and elicit the strongest investment deals, depending on demand and those with the most receptive policies will surely influence AT&T’s selection for the installations.

They are assuring that they are delivering state of the art services that provide consumers and small businesses with the ability to do more faster, help their respective communities create a new wave of innovation, and help encourage economic development. AT&T is interested in working communities that appreciate the value of the most advanced technologies and are willing to encourage investments by providing solid investment cases and policies.

A lot of AT&T’s targeted cities reflect those handpicked by Google for the deployment of its fiber optic broadband service. Google Fiber has already begun serving Kansas City and Kansas City is likewise on AT&T’s A-ist. Google likewise plan to introduce their fiber optic broadband services in Austin, and has included Raleigh-Durham, San Jose, and Atlanta as other future prime locations for their fiber services.

On the contrary, Google Fiber, which have been live with their first gigabit network in Kansas City over a couple of years ago, where they also announced plans to expand their services to some 34 cities in 9 leading metropolitan areas in the USA. Apart from Kansas City, Google Fiber is now live in Austin, Texas and in Provo, Utah.

Similarly, both AT&T and Google have placed their efforts on smaller metropolitan locations in the US. The recent announcement by AT&T ushers a broader vision for the future of the Internet. But then again, accomplishing their targets and getting there could truly prove challenging.

As a matter of fact fiber networks need massive spending to physically lay the cables that customers will use to access the internet; AT&T will also need some regulatory approval and paper works to be able to start the entire work.

Obtaining that approval is no easy job and many companies will work hard to analyze their IT infrastructures, evaluate topography, housing density, and map out electrical, water and gas lines to make sure their rollout plan is viable.

The AT&T U-verse with GigaPower fiber optic broadband services are now available in Austin and nearby communities and are expected to roll out in some parts of Dallas soon. AT&T made their services initially available in Austin and other areas last December 2013 and they recently announced their expansion of their fiber networks to double the households with 1gbps connectivity in the entire Austin area.

Not too long ago, AT&T made an announcement that it is discussing a U-verse rollout with the North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN), a regional broadband project, in the Winston-Salem and Raleigh-Durham locations. The initially proposed plan for the North Carolina communities, which necessitates ratification from the six city councils, outlines fiber deployments in geographical locations where there is demand for ultra-fast broadband and what AT&T determined as sound policies for investment.

The whole initiative is one big, expensive campaign and will require a great amount of time to eventually come to fruition. But no amount of negativity will ever stop Google and AT&T as they work towards the realization of this next wave of internet innovation and help boost digital economy for good.

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