UK Businesses Fail To Provide Employees The Technology They Need

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business broadband quotesThe employees flexible working rights will be changed soon, but the question is, are businesses up for it?

About 44% percent or almost half of UK businesses are not offering remote workers the kind of technology that they will need to accomplish their job, a study has found out.

The recently concluded study by Virgin Media Business have showcased the number of businesses who are entirely unprepared for any future changes to the existing UK’s flexible working regulations which will be in full force and effect next week. This brand new UK law will allow employees to request the option of flexible working hours to help them complete their jobs and at the same time balance their ‘personal-work’ life.

The result of the research contacted by Virgin Media Business reveals that many businesses are ill-equipped and not yet ready for the change in the UK’s flexible working regulations that will come into effect next week that will enable all employees to request for flexible working hours especially that business broadband quotes are yet to be obtained by business owners for them to assess business expenses that they will incur should an employee pursue the option.

An expert business analyst from Ovum has recently mentioned that a business organization may only reap real business value from mobility when they permit mobile devices to work as a doorway to core enterprise apps and resources.

A great majority of workers approximately 1,274 or around 88% percent of them who were made respondents to the survey said that the traditional nine to five (9:00am – 5:00pm) business hours is overrated and has no relevance now than it was some 10 years ago, however a small number of companies are now supplying their employees with a corporate pre-approved smartphones and SIMs, and for some tablets or portable computing devices.

Nonetheless, employees who were made respondents to the Virgin Media Business survey claimed that an enterprise will be faced with several roadblocks before it is able to successfully implement mobile working in its organization.

Access to broadband or wifi will first of all entail business broadband quotes for the company’s accounting department, so they can assess exactly how much expenditure will the new system finally cost them. This affects some 36% percent of the remote workers, coupled by access to work files and the company network which is 32% percent, intranet access to other company resources, messenger programs, and 22% percent for extranet, and finally access to emails comprise 21% percent.

Business Security Issues

On the contrary, there is only 22% percentage of remote workers who are very concerned about the business security issues linked with working remotely from away from the business premises. However, about half of them concede to the fact that business information security on portable computing devices will be the main concern of employers and not by employees.

The marketing director of Virgin Media Business stated that not only do workers now expect their employers to afford them flexible working hours and practices, but also to give them the right tools and training that they will need to be able to do it well. The moment accomplished correctly, remote working is able to transform any business organization, which makes the work entire work environment less complicated and enables employees to be more collaborative and provide better service in this increasingly competitive and cutthroat business industry.

Notwithstanding Virgin Media Business’ findings, more and more business organizations are developing bespoke apps and resources that will allow for remote working for their employees so they can access them while on the go. For instance, software company Bentley, which was a supplier to the Olympic Games held in London last 2012, revealed an app for staff for them to access the main business procurement and HR systems while on the go.

This brand new law may be met with so many skepticisms from many business owners, but come to think of it, if we are looking to boost productivity, then this is definitely the answer. This is the 21st century, and we are all bound to live the actual time and age that we are in.

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