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Virgin Media Business has recently announced the launching of a brand new broadband business plans targeted at helping small to medium enterprises, from startups to the more expensive and brick-and-mortar businesses broadband business plans targeted at helping small to medium enterprises, from startups to the more expensive and brick-and-mortar businesses.

The telecoms company stated that they are launching a brand new product with the help of some research, where they have found out that a quarter of small to medium scale enterprises claimed that one of the biggest stumble blocks in starting up a business was understanding what new digital technology their enterprise will in fact need new digital technology their enterprise will in fact need.

Because of this, Virgin Media Business is deploying three business offerings to make it easy for companies to select the right broadband business plans for them, with the Red Speed, Red Value, and Red Performance plans which are targeted at helping small digitally conscious firms, bigger established companies, and lastly digitally dependent SMEs respectively.

The Red Value, which is the base level offer, is targeted at businesses that are just starting, and this broadband business plan is a 50MB line. There is a 152MB connection with the next in line Red Speed broadband plan, and both of these have unlimited usage and a minimal £50 fee for installation.

Red Performance is a higher rate plan with a 30MB to 100MB connection thru Managed Internet Access, which boasts of an identical download and upload speeds and capacity, with six-hours of SLA or service level agreement. This plan offers free installation charges.

All of the abovementioned plans come with a first two-month free charge, to help businesses get started with very minimal expense and comes with online support thru the Big Digital Skills Hub. The Big Digital Skills Hub is a free for all learning hub which was launched by Virgin Media Business a couple of weeks ago.

The director of the SMB or Small to Medium Business department at Virgin Media Business stated that small and medium-sized firms fuels our economy which is powered by simple, flexible technology, but they feel that the industry and the government as a whole must come up with ways they can offer more support and direct assistance to this segment of the market which is actively UK plc’s main driving force.

Now, they are launching a brand new broadband business plans lineup for SMEs that are easy, straightforward, and clear that offers them the much-needed flexibility and scalability as their businesses grow. Not only that, Virgin Media Business will offer one of the fastest available broadband packages for businesses with their Red Speed broadband business plans. With simpler digital products, better skills, and useful backing, UK businesses will surely grow faster, become more profitable, offer better jobs, and do more; which will redound to the good and welfare of the entire economy.

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