City of London Complains of BT’s Unacceptable Broadband Speed

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Business BroadbandThere is a rage going on in the rural areas in the UK today. This is due to the slacking speeds of their supposed ‘superfast broadband.’ But they are not alone in this, because even those in the city of London complain of the same problem with their business broadband.

The City of London is a corporation running the Square Mile, complained of the unacceptable broadband in the area which makes it an area that’s less preferred by many other businesses. This is not the very first time BT has received complaints regarding their service in London area, because a similar complaint was lodged by Hackney earlier, the firm that’s home to Tech City.

This is an alarming condition for many firms and businesses in the Square Mile who often complained about the broadband speeds and BT being unable to provide the level of service that they require, basically with its decision not to roll out the superfast broadband. Any market failure or malfeasance of this kind is definitely unacceptable for a notable world renowned global financial centre highlights that poor business broadband deals is not an issue merely affecting the rural areas alone.

This problem roots back to the lack of fibre. The City of London’s over thirteen thousand small to medium enterprises as well as over nine thousand residents are still utilizing copper lines, and that BT has not yet rolled out the superfast services. Compared to the rural areas, highly urbanized areas and business have more options at their disposal, even though these options may at times appear too pricey. Business companies can pay for their business broadband deals, but not in cases where prices are too steep.

BT for their part mentioned that dedicated lines are by far the best option for businesses. These are usually the most appropriate services for businesses considering their many demands which are often different from regular consumers. Firms like Hyperoptic likewise provide dedicated lines for residential as well as business segments where the cost is split across various subscribers. Furthermore, the government is offering small business up to £3,000 in funding to assist them in obtaining better business broadband connections.

Nevertheless, the pressure now dawns upon the company and is taking a toll on them. BT mentioned that they are now negotiating with the company regarding how to increase the availability of  a much lower priced fibre broadband which is basically aimed at consumers, home workers and small SME’s and startups.

Virgin Media on the other hand, has not brought itself to deliver fibre broadband in the area, citing that there are a few number of individuals that actually reside in the Square Mile, and that many of the businesses are big multinational companies that prefer to work with multinational telecoms company like BT.

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