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The internet is one of the best revolutions in modern technology that many people worldwide enjoy nowadays. As a matter of fact, the internet is one of the most convenient ways of helping a person or business stay in touch with the rest of the world. Today, web savvy users rely on this hi-tech innovation to complete a number of tasks at school, work, or while at home.

Currently, wherever you go, the market us full with great broadband deals and many of them are being offered by the leading network providers in UK such as Virgin, EE, BT, and more. In an effort to win over the growing competition, these major carriers are laying down all the amazing offers they can give their valued customers at a much rather cheaper rates.

But before you get too excited, take time to compare all the cheap broadband deals that you will come across. Remember, cheap does not necessarily equate to quality at all times, so buyer beware!

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To make your life easier, we have come up with a list of the best broadband deals you can choose from:

Virgin Media

With Virgin Media, you can enjoy cable broadband speeds that is deemed the fastest and the best in the UK today. The company’s current top speed is pegged at 152MB. Their cheapest home broadband starts at £20 a month for the first three months, and £25 for the remainder of the 12-month contract.

For this subscription, you will get a 50MB broadband which can hook up several computers at any given household.

BT Broadband

BT’s phone and broadband packages are quite cheap compared to that of Virgin Media. In fact, their cheapest home broadband starts at a measly £10 a month.

However, they charge an additional £15.99 per month for line rental. But if you pay £141 upfront, you will get a savings of about £50.88.

BT’s basic home broadband will give you as much as 16 MB broadband speeds, 1GB of download and weekend calls under an 18-month plan.

Sky Home Broadband

Customers of Sky TV can obtain an unlimited broadband service for just £3.75 for one year and £7.50 in the succeeding months. For this price, you can get unlimited downloads and uploads to up to 16MB. There is an upfront cost of £2.18 and line rental costs £15.40 a month.

If you are a non-Sky TV subscriber, you can pay £5 a month for the first year and £10 for the next 6 months.

TalkTalk Home Broadband

This is a great home broadband service that truly provides unlimited service to customers. It is also by far one of the cheapest options, as a 12-month plan is charged only £2.50 per month, with line rental at £15.40.

You just pay an upfront fee of £30 and you’ll get a wireless router at absolutely no cost to you. You will also enjoy free unlimited calls to other TalkTalk customers.

Plusnet Home Broadband

A Plusnet connection starts at £2.99 for 12 months and £9.99 for the remaining six months. Your subscription gets you a 16MB speed and an unlimited monthly usage. You will be charged £5.99 for upfront costs and £15.40 for your monthly line rental.

EE Broadband

EE provides a cheaper home broadband where you get a 16MB connection with unlimited use for only £2 for 12 months. The line rental is just £15.40.

Primus Saver Broadband

Primus Saver is another home broadband company that offers broadband for homes at a deeply slashed price. With your 15MB plan, you get to enjoy unlimited use for just £2 for the first six months and £4 a month afterwards.

Their line rental is by far the cheapest at just 14.50 per month, and there are absolutely no upfront fees to pay!

Now that you know the cheapest home broadband deals around, it is high time for you to decide on the best broadband or fiber optic broadband deals that is ideal for your home and which will certainly give you more value for your money.

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