UK Broadband Customers Being Charged Hefty Switching Fees

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Citizens Advicebusiness broadband – a UK-based organization that help people resolve any of their legal, money, and other related problems by providing free, independent, and confidential advice, stated that broadband companies in the UK are ‘punishing’ their subscribers with exorbitant and hefty fees.

Broadband deals in the UK are plentiful, each are attractive on their own right; offering free high-end handsets, free call allowances, free data allowances, and more freebies which explains why more and more people are lured into many broadband deals UK even though they offer very long-term contracts. The catch is they now all offer a very hefty exit charges, are dropping connections, and offer bad customer service which fueled the recent campaign from the charity that urged customers to speak up and fight back.

Nowadays, customers are charged £190, as they switch their broadband contracts with other providers, that is even if they move house or are no longer sticking with their current provider. Subscribers who switch are also faced with exorbitant cancellation fees to the tune of up to £625.

One of the widely complained about issues are the slower than what is advertised connection speeds, recurring faults, and absence of quality customer or after sales support to customers.

Citizens Advice Bureau offer advice services from all over 3,300 community locations in England and Wales today, and it is run by approximately 338 individual charities. Citizens Advice in itself is likewise a registered charity and is likewise a membership organization for bureau. Collectively, they are called the Citizens Advice service. They helped consumers in the telecoms market segment to voice out their many concerns about the negative service they are getting, plus, the new sky high cancellation fees that they are forced to pay in order to switch broadband providers in the UK.

Switching Fees and Other Bills

One in every five customers who complained to Citizens Advice in the past year was involved either in a cancellation or withdrawal dispute with their carrier.

The most common customer grievance brought to Citizens Advice attention comprised of broadband companies deliberate failure to address their complaints and issues regarding costs and billing disputes. All in all the complaints totaled to 18 and the billing concerns overall reached 15. In general, there are approximately 3,300 individuals who allegedly reported internet and broadband connection problems to Citizens Advice since July 2013.

The exorbitant and unjustified fees create a special deterrent in the competition within the broadband market. The ultra high fees are made to lock customers to their broadband deals and prevent them from further shopping around.

Some subscribers who refused to pay the exit or cancellation charges were passed over to their debt collection firms, the charity organization stated. The head of the same charity organization retorted that the internet service providers must not place their customers in shackles in their search for better services, and so they should not be meted out with unreasonable fees that can in turn bury them in debt. All internet users must find a way to easily get out of an inadequate service contracts and broadband speeds that only bring them a daily dose of stress, disappointments, and frustrations.

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