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business broadbandThe UK Government’s superfast broadband has reached a one million milestone. It now serves one million homes and business across UK – all of them enjoying a blazing fast internet speeds.

As a result of the programme, there are now over 146,676 homes and businesses located in the North West that are now able to access the brand new fibre broadband business plans rollout that BDUK is providing.

The £1.7 billion nationwide launch is right on track to provide superfast broadband to approximately 95% percent of UK homes and businesses by 2017. The speed at which the new fibre technology is being rolled out under the programme is fast accelerating, with up to 40,000 premises obtaining access to superfast broadband each and every single week.

The nationwide superfast broadband rollout is a fundamental part of the government’s long term economic plan to secure UK’s future by offering access to superfast broadband in strategic location which the private sector may be unable to reach. The newest rural rollout will give returns of £20 for every £1 invested, which represents a tremendous value for money.

Faster broadband will not only boost profits for the UK business, but it will likewise create an additional 56,000 jobs in the UK come year 2024. The endeavor involved in the present rollout is expected to offer a £1.5 billion in additional funding to help boost local economies. It is expected that by 2024, the UK government’s current investments in faster broadband will be boosting rural economies by £275 each and every month, or approximately £9 million every single day.

The present plans will make sure that superfast broadband business plans reach 95% percent of the UK; however the government believes that its transformation of the digital landscape will reach every area of UK. The main focus is currently on the remaining 5% percent, or those in the far-flung rural areas which are hard to reach places that are yet to be covered by the superfast broadband. £10m has been invested in a couple of pilot projects which is currently being processed in some eight locations all across UK to investigate further the best ways to tackle these remote areas. The findings will then be utilized to inform further funding bids to make sure that everyone benefits from the transformation of the digital landscape which is now underway.

More than one million homes and businesses have now benefitted as a result of the UK’s government investment in superfast broadband. It is totally changing the way people live and do work. You may now download videos fast, chat online with family and friends wherever they may be with the help of VoIP, and go online all at one from one location.

For businesses, superfast broadband speeds are helping them grow their profits through reduced overheads and accessing markets overseas for the first time. BT thru their CEO expressed that getting fibre to rural areas is difficult, and often complicated, but the project is making a steady progress. BT engineers are all busy to connect homes and businesses whatever the challenges may be. BT is now laying undersea cables to the Outer Hebrides to be able to reach remote villages in Wales and transform other rural areas all across England.

BT has brought their technical expertise in order to make the superfast broadband programme a reality for UK. Some of the earlier projects are now near completion and more funding will soon be released if they come in under budget or exceed expectations.

The UK Secretary for Environment has stated that this milestone only reveals just how far the campaign has gone to bring faster, more reliable broadband to several communities all over the country.

This particular investment spells a huge difference to the rural economy, revolutionizing the way businesses and communities use the internet to secure a much better future for Britain. This project will surely bridge the gap between rural and urban communities, which will help more local economies to grow and thrive.

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