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UK is bidding goodbye to slow and sluggish broadband internet services for good, thanks to Virgin Media.business broadband

Just recently, Virgin Media rolled out their brand spanking new 152Mbps broadband service. Execs at Virgin Media claims that the new broadband will be lightning speed and can be nineteen times faster than the average broadband speeds that are now being offered all across UK.

Virgin further boasts of the fastest broadband service where in their current offering anyone subscribed to their services will be able to download an entire TV show in just one minute.

If you are a business owner looking to upgrade your broadband business plans, then this is the perfect opportunity you are looking for. But what are the benefits of superfast broadband services for your business organization? A lot!

Here are a few things you’ll definitely enjoy with ultra fast business broadband services:

  • Enjoy seamless voip connection and call anywhere
  • Cut your telephone bills in half because you can use voip telephony for free or at a really low price
  • Get in touch with your customers, be the first to read their feedback, complaints, or suggestions via social media
  • Easy access to important business data wherever you may be in the world
  • Communicate with your staff and other employees while on the go
  • Offer 24/7 customer support to your valued customers with 100% uptime
  • Guarantee fast service as you can be reached easily via voip phone, email, or social media
  • Never miss an important appointment ever again
  • Get 100% plugged in to your business at all times
  • Conduct web conferences efficiently and hassle-free especially if you have other branches of your business which are located in other locations worldwide
  • Accomplish more and become profitable

These are a few of the obvious reasons why every entrepreneur should consider getting superfast broadband services for your business right about now.

The top exec of Virgin Media Mr. Tom Mockridge said in an interview that the initiative to bring superfast broadband in UK is aligned with the bigger aspects of society, culture, and economic growth; and why going digital will make a significant, positive difference to people’s lives.

Virgin Media will offer the new and improved broadband services at a rate of £28 per month. It will be provided via Virgin Media’s fibre optic network which is currently accessed by 12.5 million homes in the UK today. Even the UK Culture Secretary approved the new IT infrastructure and even said that the faster, safer home internet is great news for many families all over UK.

With Virgin Media’s super fast internet, families can now download movies, stream music, enjoy games on their smartphones, laptops, tablet, and other computing devices. The higher speed is a plus since the entire family can still make use of the broadband internet even while downloading content on the web at the same time.

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