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Broadband internet refers to high speed internet which is often connected via a dial-up modem. Broadband internet is twice as fast as your traditional dial up internet connection. As for dial up internet, the broadband connection no longer needs a dedicated phone line in order for you to keep using your telephone while you remain connected to the World Wide Web. But, how is it different from dedicated broadband lines?

A broadband internet is also known as high-speed internet owing to its fast transmission speeds. Overall, any internet speed of 256 Kbits or 0.25 Mbits, or higher is deemed a broadband internet connection. ITU-T or the International Telecommunication Union Standardization Sector defined broadband internet as a transmission capacity which is faster than the primary rate ISDN which is clocked at 1.5 to 2 Mbits. Nevertheless, there are several internet connections with rather slower speeds that are likewise deemed broadband internet.

UK Broadband Providers

In the UK, you will find various broadband providers that offer various packages that you can choose from. You will find regular broadband internet packages and dedicated broadband lines for medium-scale to big businesses. One of the most leading broadband providers in the UK is Orange. They offer free broadband installation which comes with an unlimited download capacity paid on a regular month to month basis. You can even try their services for a free trial which you may discontinue if you are unhappy with their services.

Another great provider in the UK that offers unlimited capacity is TalkTalk. Their pricing is almost the same as Orange however, they offer faster speeds. You can get a free 6-months trial for their services which is great if you are a business, but they do not offer free installation services. TalkTalk and Orange offers 18-month contract for their broadband internet and related services.

Next in line is Virgin Media. Virgin Media offers broadband, TV, as well as telephone services in an all-in-one package, which is very cheap and convenient for subscribers. They even offer installation for free and they have quite a number of packages that you can choose from depending on your preferences.

Sky is yet another broadband provider and they are offering both the unlimited as well as the limited packages. They also have TV and telephone services together with their broadband internet connection. Like Virgin Media, they both offer 12-months lock in period.

Aside from the basic broadband internet, you may also opt for mobile broadband internet which is quite popular these days. This kind of connection is made possible with the aid of a small USB tool referred to as a ‘dongle’ which can be used with your desktop or laptop. It is very easy to use and it’s portable, so you can use it anywhere you go. This is great for business owners who often go on a business trip but has to be plugged in to their business 24/7. There are also what we call the dedicated broadband lines, which are great for big or medium sized businesses who want to have a fixed IP and faster broadband speeds.

The majority of broadband providers in the UK offer mobile internet like Orange, Vodafone, Sky, and PlusNet. If you need broadband internet access for personal or home use, going for the basic packages or dongles would suffice. These are cheap and very easy to use. But, if you will use broadband internet for your business, you have to make sure you get the fastest speeds with an unlimited capacity. What’s great about broadband internet providers in the UK is the fact that they offer free trial services, so in case you are not happy or satisfied with the service, you are free to switch to another broadband service provider.

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